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Dance & Fitness Trainer, Founder

Growing up in the 90’s with a Music Executive for a Dad, I got a sneak peek at new music genres and videos that reinvented the industry. 


I recall geeking out to unreleased hits, or unfinished music videos that my Dad brought home.  


From Britney Spears’ "Baby One More Time", to Backstreet Boys’ "Backstreet’s Back”,  I was captivated by the dance routines that would later define my generation.   


Dancing was always more than just "a hobby.” It was a part of who I am, even if I didn't know exactly where my dance career would go beyond teaching at a local studio - Simply Dance.

I studied TV & Communications at Emerson College in Boston. Thinking if I couldn't be on camera, I could make an impact behind the camera. These years were both eye opening, and humbling while learning the glamour and hardships of production.  

Whenever my head wasn’t in my studies, I auditioned for various music videos and landed roles in Chris Brown’s "Run it", Samantha Jade’s "Step Up", David Archuleta’s "Crush.”


After graduating, I worked production jobs within the entertainment world - which included various record labels under Sony Music & Series Production at MTV. As much as I loved these jobs, I knew in my heart something was missing - my connection to people through dance. This motivated me to start a new venture teaching a unique dance fitness experience. 


I pitched it as a sexy, fun hip-hop fitness class that later got picked up by Bally’s, Equinox, Crunch, Retro Fitness, and other independent gyms throughout northern New Jersey and New York City.   


This of course, until Covid shuttered the entire landscape of gyms and group fitness. Like many of us, it was uncomfortable facing the unknown.  

While groups of friends were jumping on Zoom calls for a social escape from quarantine, I thought it would be fun to turn my basement into a virtual dance studio with friends, family and former clients.


I thought, “How cool? I’m dancing with Anna from California and Rachel from Boston – as if we’re back at Emerson!” 


It dawned on me that with the right equipment, I can host a professional quality dance escape on the same platform. 

Well…that was the birth of TCJ Dance. And the concept turned into so much more.

Except now, it’s open to more than just my local dance crew…

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